From our home to yours...we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

For those that usually get a Christmas card from the Wamboldt family at this time of year, I'm sorry that you won't be getting one. Cards didn't happen this year so I hope you understand and we hope that next year our Christmas will go back to normal and I'll have my cards out to everyone. Denise and Joanne, I know you were probably looking forward to it but I promise I will post some pictures on here from Christmas of the kids. I hope everyone has the Merriest of Christmases and all the best in 2013. <3


I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger, months have gone by and not an update from me. Mostly because when I blog I like to have at least something good and the last few months seem like nothing good has happened. I've been struggling with depression big time, something I can normally fight off with my tough as nails attitude but it's not working right now. So just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here and I promise I'll try and blog before or during Christmas.

Time to catch up...

Yup, I'm slacking again, this time it's not because nothing is going on, it's more that everything has been going to hell. So let's catch up...

Beth's wedding was beautiful, of course, how could it not be with my niece being the bride. We went up on Friday, took our time and made a few stops so I could get out and move around. Just Doug, Bre and I went, Josh had to stay home for an important job interview. He was also working at the Pizzaria at the time and was supposed to work that weekend, I'm glad he didn't just miss it because he had to work because the day after we got home he got fired, for not being able to keep up, guess Liverpool Pizzaria has never heard of discrimination, you don't do stuff like that to someone who has a disability, anyway, it's done and things did turn out well. It was awesome to spend the weekend with my sister, her kids and their spouses. Sunday came too soon and it was time to come home, that goodbye was very hard, not just with Linda but with the kids too. I bawled half the way home.

So that's the good that happened in the last 5 weeks and that is the only good that has happened.

The week before Beth and Nick's wedding was pretty hellish. When we went to Lunenburg to see Doug's Dad on his birthday he wasn't doing too well, by the next week we knew we were in the palliative care part of his life. Josh and I stayed down on Tuesday and then went back on Thursday to stay but knowing we wouldn't be there for the night. At 10:55pm on June 14th we said goodbye to the best father in-law and Papa that I've ever known. It was very hard, Doug doesn't deal with death very well but I'm very proud to say he made it through it and did everything he had to do, I had to push at times but he did it.

The following morning, July 15th, the phone rang and Doug got it and the news that Bowaters had closed, on Doug's 25th anniversary working for the company, it was all over. At that point in time it didn't really sink it, it hadn't been 12 hours since he lost his Dad. But after a week or so it sunk in, Doug was unemployed at 48. He started applying for jobs and has been doing it ever since, he's trying to get in with a company in Alberta where he'll work 2 weeks on and 2 off, a lot of the guys from here are doing the same thing. It will be hard if he gets it because I depend on him to do so much around here that I can't do.

Unfortunately there has been no big change with my back, I'm still in pain daily and most days I'm in more pain than I was before I had surgery. So all the pain from surgery was for nothing, I'm past the 5 month mark now and with no improvement I guess it can be considered a failure.

We did get a little good news, Josh got the job at the plant where he had his interview on the Friday we left for Beth's wedding. The job is for his trade, he started last Monday and so far loves it, I guess it's a good bunch of guys that he works with, where he's been named "the kid" because he's the youngest one in the plant. Then last Wed. his nickname got changed to "The crash kid".

Back to the bad news. I got the call from Josh last Wed. at 4:20 that no mother ever wants to get, it came up on the phone as "Josh's cell" and my heart dropped. The first thing he said was, "Mom, I totalled the car." That's when I pretty much got hysterical. Doug is freaking out at this point because he can only hear my end as I begged Josh to tell me he was okay. We got off the phone and took off for Shelburne. I started texting with him soon as we got in the car, he insisted he was okay and didn't need to go to the hospital but when EHS got there they put him on the stretcher and took him to the hospital. We got there just as they were taking him in the other door and I only had to wait for a few minutes to see him. What a relief to walk in the room and see him sitting up. He had some cuts and scrapes from the windshield but that was it, just needed a steri strip to close one of the cuts. Then I wanted to beat on him for scaring me so bad. When we left the hospital we went to where the accident happened and the car was gone, all that was left were the marks on the road and the glass embedded in the tree. Doug and Josh went up the next day to empty out the car and take some pics of it. Luckily we found him another car that night, same make and year as the one he totalled, just a different color and it's an automatic. Now I'll worry every day about him driving till it's not so fresh in my mind. I'm driving him crazy about it, he didn't get hurt, he wasn't even sore, but I really hope it sunk in just how lucky he is. I'll post some pics so you can see what I mean.

Well I should get ready to go to bed, I just turned 43 so I should probably get my beauty sleep. LOL My sleep schedule is so much like a teen, I'm up half the night because I'm in pain but then I don't want to get up in the morning.

So, that's been our last 5 weeks and don't tell me that's our 3 because it comes in 3's, that's just 3 in the last 5 weeks, there's been a lot more since 2012 started, we're ready for this string to be over, it's time for some good news, like Doug getting a job!

So what's new

Sorry to be so boring! Still not much going on around here, Beth's wedding is less than a month away and prom is the week before that so it seems that everything we do is related to one or the other.

My back has had no change, I'm getting very discouraged now, we're getting close to the 4 month mark now and I really think I should be seeing some improvement. It's not like it was when I first came home but it's worse than it was before surgery. No wonder I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. It doesn't help that most people think I'm making it or faking it and I have no idea how to make them see that I'm really in paid. I've pretty much given up and decided if they do believe me that's great, if the don't, well I guess I don't need family and friends in my life like that.

Josh is graduating from NSCC next Friday morning! Now he has to find a job, which isn't very easy around here. So for now he's trying to find something around here for the summer and then if he gets something in the city he will have money saved up to get an apartment. Breanna is almost finished grade 8, next year will be his last year in Jr High, she'll be off to the high school, gahhhhh. How do they grow up so fast?

Anyway, I suppose that I should go figure out what supper will consist of. LOL  Have a great weekend everyone!

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So happy but so sad

So here it is 1am and I should really be going to bed but it's one of those nights where I just can't turn my mind off. Today, or I should say yesterday, we had a wedding shower for my niece Beth, who in 6 weeks will be a married woman. That's the happy part but there's a sad part too. My sister will be home for the wedding, I haven't seen her in, I think 4 years? Anyway, she's going to be at Beth's but that is 5 hours away, so I'm only going to see her for the 2 days that I'm up there for the wedding, when we will be so busy we won't have any sister time. I miss her so much, it's awful to have your only family on the other side of the country. I'm already dreading that Sunday when I have to leave to come home, I know the trip is going to be hellish painful along with hellish emotional. I don't hear from any of my family around here, it's like since Mom passed away, I don't belong anymore.

The other rough part was the shower, I've been housebound for so long that I'm not comfortable in social situations at all anymore. Being around people freaks me out, I just want it to be over so I can go back home and hide myself away. It's the only way I'm comfortable anymore. If I never leave the house, that's fine with me. It's a terrible feeling but I dread having to leave the house and leaving the house to go to a social situation makes me want to run and hide under my bed.

So the update on my back is there really isn't an update. I'm still in a lot of pain, although I don't think there are too many people who believe me, I guess everyone thinks I'm just faking it and that's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's hell, at this point I wish I wouldn't have had the surgery, it's 3 months later and I'm in more pain than I've ever been in before. The surgeon told me it was normal to still be in this pain but I guess I should have taken a tape recorder so I could prove that yes, I'm in pain and I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I know everyone is tired of listening to it and I don't blame them, but there's not a damn thing I can do about it except hope in 3 months it will feel like it was worth it, we'll see.

Anyway, I should think about heading to bed, the baby is coming in the morning for awhile and I have to be half awake because she's keeping us on our toes these days. :)